Our own sweet homes

As we sing each week at the end of the playgroup morning, We all must go to our own sweet homes.

Welcome to our own sweet, shared, online home, a special place just for playgroup families to connect. Here in this sweet home, I intend to share a few videos, songs, recipes and ideas that you might draw on for your family’s time in your own sweet home. Perhaps you will also feel like posting some responses, ideas or pictures from your days.


In order to keep this space safe and secure just for current playgroup families, all users must register and be approved before they can access the content. I will approve all current playgroup families (mums, dads and carers). If you would like to register with an email address other than (or in addition to) the one I usually contact you on, it would be a good idea to drop me a line at play@innerweststeinerplaygroup.org to let me know it’s really you behind that alias. x



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