Covid Safety Measures

The following measures have been adopted in line with our venue’s Covid Safety Plan.

  • Each playgroup session will be strictly capped at 7 family groups. Each family group may consist of one adult, one child and one babe in arms. Unfortunately for the foreseeable future, we will not be able to accommodate visiting grandparents, extra spouses, school aged siblings, etc.
  • 46 hour quarantine of toys and equipment between sessions
  • Disinfecting of any toys seen to have encountered any bodily fluids (saliva, snot etc). Parents are requested to keep a sharp eye out for young ones who like to put toys in their mouths and to set aside any such toys in a dedicated location for washing.
  • 80% ethanol disinfecting of all door knobs, taps, lavatory fixtures and high frequency touch surfaces prior to and following each session
  • Disinfecting mop of floor and outdoor mat following each session
  • Hot sudsy water wipedown of playgroup table prior to and following bread making and morning tea
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in the playgroup space, next to kitchen sink, and in toilet lobby. Soap for handwashing will be available next to each sink (kitchen and 2x lavatory). Single-use washable hand towels will be available in the playgroup room and next to each sink. Electric hand dryers are available in the lavatories.
  • Families will be asked to wash hands upon arrival in their own time at one of the three available sinks (kitchen and 2x lavatory). Families will be requested to again wash hands prior to morning tea, in their own time, utilising all three sink locations.
  • We will only hold hands with the person we came with.
  • Adults are asked to maintain 1.5m social distancing. Adults are asked to model appropriate social distancing with one another, for example, by greeting with an elbow bump or disco hip kiss rather than hugging.
  • Families are asked to bring a piece of fruit. Morning tea will be shared. Families are asked to take the usual hygiene precautions at home when preparing their fruit. A parent will be asked to assist at morning tea by serving the fruit salad to the children’s individual bowls (rather than passing the communal bowl & spoon for self-service).
  • You are required to not attend playgroup if:
    • you or any member of your household is experiencing any Covid symptoms
    • you or any member of your household has been told by a health practitioner to self-isolate for any reason
    • you or any member of your household has travelled to a known Covid hotspot in the previous 7 days
  • Please let me know if you have attended playgroup and later received a positive Covid test result or learned that you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive.