We take enrollments for our Thursday & Friday playgroups (for children aged 2+). Please contact us to make an enquiry!

Session Times  
Thursday (age 2+) 10am – 12noon
Friday (age 2+) 10am – 12noon
(please arrive a few minutes early so that the session can start on time)

What to Bring
Each family is asked to bring a piece of fruit (preferably cut-up) to share for morning tea. On wet weather days children are encouraged to bring rain-boots so that we can enjoy a puddle walk. Families are asked to take their shoes off before entering the building, therefore wearing socks is suggested in colder weather. Fresh flowers or findings from nature are always appreciated for our seasonal table.

Make-Up Sessions
If you are unable to attend your usual Thursday or Friday session, you are welcome to attend a different session. Prior advice is appreciated where possible.

Playgroup NSW Membership
All play group members must also be members of Playgroup Australia.  This provides us with insurance to operate. You can join at Playgroup, or online: