Our playgroup is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

The environment is prepared to meet the child’s nature and needs. We aim to create a warm, homelike atmosphere. The dream-quality and timelessness of early childhood is nurtured in a rhythmic and joyous environment.

Bearing in mind that a child is a total sense organ, we place a great importance on what we surround the child with. Natural materials and simple toys are provided at playgroup because they have an inherent beauty and are a valued part of our environment. They can be used freely in any play and can take on many forms and uses. In addition they can be ‘put together’ in an infinite number of ways.

Rhythm helps to create a secure environment. We use songs, rhymes and actions to indicate we are approaching the next part of the day.  Rhythm keeps the focus of the young child and the group in general. All parents are encouraged to participate in the activities and eventually the child will follow. We try to create a balance between the social needs of the adults and the awareness of what is happening around the children.

Our sessions always follow the same order of activities, and all elements contribute to an environment of warmth and stability where the child is free to unfold and develop her imagination and a sense of wonder and interest in the world.