The Inner West Steiner Playgroup was started in 2004 by two ex-Steiner students. It was built on community spirit and continues to be run by dedicated volunteers.
Our playgroup families help care for, shape and grow our precious playgroup community.

Steiner playgroup is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. You will see this philosophy reflected in many ways – the environment is visually gentle and harmonious, soft pastel fabrics are used, and our open-ended toys are made from natural materials.
The gentle environment and home-like routines protect the children’s senses, allowing them to develop at their own pace. The simple toys make more demands on the children’s imagination than more formed alternatives and make play much more active, exercising and developing the imagination.

At playgroup, the environment is prepared to meet the child’s nature and needs. We aim to create a warm homelike atmosphere. Their dream-quality and timelessness is nurtured in a rhythmic and joyous environment, together with other families who are also striving for a wholesome and beautiful space for their children to enjoy.
Bearing in mind that a child is a total sense organ, we place a great importance in what we surround the child with. Natural materials and simple toys are provided at playgroup because they have an inherent beauty and are a valued part of our environment. They can be used freely in any play and can take on many forms and uses. In addition they can be ‘put together’ in an infinite number of ways.

Playgroup Leaders
Our playgroup is guided by two volunteer leaders who are dedicated to creating a nourishing environment for children and  parents alike.

Meg has been leading the Inner West Steiner Playgroup since 2011. When not at playgroup (leading the Tuesday & Friday groups), she is a historian and museum tour guide. Meg is a knitter, lover of dogs, and a keen Sacred Harp singer. She is currently undertaking the training programme in Life Story Work at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. Forthcoming in 2018 is Meg’s book, co-authored with Ebba Bodame, Early Childhood Wisdom.

Louise has always had a passion for early childhood education and caring for children.  She has been attending playgroup with her daughter Tora since 2013, and she has been leading the Wednesday playgroup (ably assisted by Tora) since October 2016. On other days of the week, Louise works as an architect, takes a keen interest in crafts; she enjoys swimming and the indulgence of burying herself in a good book!

Caroline has been teaching primary school for many years. Moving into early childhood provides her with an opportunity to be closer with the families.  Caroline is currently training as an NVC Facilitator and Mediator and is also involved in yoga, running a fruit and veg co-op, volunteering for Alfalfa House, and parenting two boys.  Caroline leads the Thursday playgroup.